Our imagination is the architect

We do not stay in a negative situation because we enjoy it, we stay in it because the familiarity of the situation is comfortable.

It is a twisted sense of security. We know what to expect, it is predictable, and there is no mystery.

We know how we will be treated by the people in ta familiar environment and even if we know they are no good for us, we prefer them to people we do not know.

Inside we feel we could do better. We want better for our future. But we will not give up our past in order to change our present.

The past can always be rewritten to suit our emotional dilemmas of the present. So we cling to it. We value those stories more than the potential reality we could create.

We allow illusion to hinder our greatest gift. Our imagination.

Our imagination solidifies our desires, emotions and interpretations of the world into organized thought.

Our minds and our thoughts create our realities. With time we see confirmation of our thoughts in the physical world.

Our imagination is the great story teller.

It is the architect of our existence, of our experience, of our life.

The stories we tell ourselves always come true.

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