Value in Espresso

I’ve had excellent coffee while living in Florence. Every barista who has served me has put sincerity into the espresso.

Coffee is so simple and so inexpensive, yet it adds much to my day. It contributes to my morning pleasure, my conversation with friends.

I admire the fact that there are baristas who are dedicated to the art of espresso. Interestingly, many who work in coffee bars here are among the best dressed in the city. The men were crisp button shirts, ties with dimples under the knot and linen aprons with intricate embroidery.

Too often the people who provide services that not only support the structure of our modern lives but the people who create the little joys in life are overlooked and dismissed as simply “laborers.”

It is ironic that many people value what they cannot have and ignore the value in what is at their fingertips.

A fresh haircut from a skilled barber, a proper shoeshine, well made espresso drinks, a knowledgable guide to the city….Regardless of social positions in the world, these seemingly insignificant services enhance our lives and add value.

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