Labels We Wear

We only adapt terminology we know. This is flawed for two reasons. The firsts is reason being the words and phrases we use are defined by others. The second is that we are in constant flux. The label we put on right now becomes irrelevant moments later.When we put labels on ourselves, we are imprisoning ourselves.

We might claim “I have anxiety. I am an anxious person” Is this factual? Does a person completely possess a state of being? Or is it a temporary experience?

“I have joy. I am always happy.” Is this true? Or is the moment a ripple in the lake of your existence. It is here then it is gone. The duration of time is inconsequential.

Why do we say these things? We do not know ourselves so adapting a definition, even from someone else gives us identity. And identity is a prison since it rejects new experiences and possibility. Identity paints over reality.

If someone tells you to think of a tree, a certain image comes to mind. If you look at an actual tree you see something different.

What would happen if we were to not take on any identity? What would we experience?

Without identity you would see yourself, your world, not as you believe, but as is the truth.

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