Stop Running From Yourself

In quiet, you long to go to the desert and spend a weekend cooking over a campfire, staring at the constellations and forgetting about the city life. But every weekend somehow you’re too busy.

No one knows, but you have an obsession with ceramics. You’ve been building a list of workshops you want to attend and projects you want to create. Every year the list gets longer.

When you lay down for bed, a voice tells you tomorrow we are going to start working out. Every night you hear the same voice say the same thing.

On your lunch breaks at work, you go online and check flight itineraries and ticket prices to places that seduced you since childhood. You pull your credit card out, then put it away.

There is the barista at your favorite coffeeshop you see every weekend. You both enjoy the conversations and feel the sexual tension. You look forward to the interaction, but never act on what is so obvious.

There is a vision you have of yourself, the person you wish to be, things you want to experience.

When you see this person you become excited, invigorated, and confident.

Then for reasons you rather not admit, you run away.

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