Death Before Life

Photo by Alex Kozlov on

Death is not exclusive to the physical end of lives when our heart stops beating and we are no longer breathing. Death also can come to the identity and image we have of ourselves. In fact it is this second concept of death of “my identity” or “my personality” that turns a man into a fear stricken child. 

Over the course of our lives we go about collecting ideas and images to add to the tapestry we call our personality. We allow people into our physical environment and permit them to add to us as well. We use entertainment and media for additional shaping. Year after year we add more to ourselves, though paradoxically we become less known to ourselves. Age does not necessarily correlate to wisdom. So after some time we look at our collection. We see the personality we have built through all our relationships, thoughts, jobs, and illusions. It was many years of work to forge ourselves to this concept of “me.” And we refuse to let it die.

The death of who you think you are can only be brought about by you. Through this we see our true potential. We shed any comforting illusions we used to carry. To die is to make way for another life. When the me dies, the truth is seen.

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