Manifesting What We Imagine

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We tend to underestimate our power. We make many assumptions that are often based on clouded feelings and loose information. This reduces our confidence in our ability to change our realities.

When we examine in detail what is needed to go from a starting point to a finishing point, the steps are usually quite clear. This does not mean the process it is quick and without difficulty. Everything has a time and energy cost.

Time and energy are the most valuable resources to a human. We trade them for everything. Thus it becomes necessary to use them to materialize what is in our imagination.

Energy must be spent to refine the visions we have internally. We use our creative intelligence -a form of energy- to mold our ideas. Over time, our energy level increases. The more creativity used on our ideas, the more rapidly they will find their way into the physical realm.

When you focus your creative energy you create a magnetic field. People with skillsets that compliment your vision will be pulled into your social circle. You will begin to make observations and connections you may have overlooked in the past. The world will bend to your ideas.

Manifestation does not occur because someone wants something. Energy expended in various directions brings nothing but disorder and a lack of results. Sincerity is needed. The degree of sincerity in a person determines the strength of their creative magnetic field and thus the probability of imagination becoming reality.

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