Seeing Yourself In Others

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Listening is emotional archeology.

If you take the time to listen to people, they will tell you everything about themselves.

Do not focus only on their words. Words are symbols. They are clues, but nothing more.

Look at the surrounding environment. The relationship between the words and the environment of the speaker will lead you closer to meaning.

I have travelled the globe and met the same kind of men everywhere. In public they were loud, cocky, and sarcastic. In private, they were anxious, stressed, nervous for the future.

I have met women who smile at everyone except themselves. They seek out relationships so they can hide behind others and avoid seeing their own pain.

If you listen, people will tell you everything, though they do not intend to tell you anything. There is a reason for this.

Humans exist as small components of one large organism. Intellectually we do not accept this, but our behavior proves it.

Aren’t people always looking for some kind of connection?

If you listen, people will tell you about yourself, though they do not know you.

Their words will calm you or excite you,

anger you or soothe you.

You will see yourself in others, if you stop seeing only yourself.

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