The Desire For Pain

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Our planet has gifted us with everything to sustain and enjoy life.

Fresh water for drink, hot springs for relaxation, oceans for inspiration.

Endless sweet fruits for our tastebuds delight.

Private orchestras from the neighborhood birds. Sometimes too loud, but surely it would be missed if silenced.

The world provides for us in abundance despite our intellectual need for separation.

We do not see ourselves as a part of this beautiful total world, but as an individual.

Religions tell us we were born as sinners, bound for suffering. So we must suffer to appease the creator.

As separate individuals we see only through the lens of our dogmas, sciences, and financial market driven goals. We see the flaws in these systems and ourselves, so we strive to correct them.

To build we must destroy. This is the mantra.

It is a mantra of anxiety. A code of pain.

We seek out separation and pain inevitably follows.

Do we do this so we can look back and be proud?

Look how I overcame! Look how I beat the odds! I cant wait to do it again!

We do not see that this beautiful world and us are the same.

We see ourselves as a worthless sack of flesh, so we find ways to destroy ourselves and the world.

I want a life of peace.

I want to see the snow fall and cover the branches of trees.

I want to enjoy music with a friend.

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