The Answers Are Always Within Us

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on

You are cooking pasta. The fire under the water is high. This time you decide to taste the noodles and check to see if they were too soft or not soft enough. The last time you made this dish the noodles were undercooked. It was edible, but only because effort, even failed effort in the kitchen stimulates the belly. It was edible but nothing more. It lacked the necessary additions.

You turn to the counter and began chopping the onions. A half ought to do. Garlic is a must. A few cloves thinly sliced. A small lake of olive oil in the pan pops. You toss the garlic and onion in. Instant sizzles. Maybe a bit of thyme? How do you spell thyme? Is there an “h” in the word? Is the “h” before the “y” o the other way? You think on it for a minute. And just as naturally and effortlessly as the sound of the boiling water came to your ears, the answer to a question that has nothing to do with dinner or herbs comes to you. An answer you searched the internet for. You consulted with trusted friends. Nothing seemed to be the right decision. A question with an answer that will determine a big part of your future came to you, while you tried to solve a meaningless question.

From where do the answers arise?

Perhaps the same place where art comes from.

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