Commit To Yourself

At the end of your life you will look back on your time on this beautiful blue earth.

You will laugh as you remember some jokes that never got old.

You will smile as you reminisce about what embarrassed you decades ago.

In your mind’s eye you will return to the exotic places you visited.

You will taste shocking food again, like natto.

You’ll re-experience the extreme weather, like the sticky humidity of Kuala Lumpur or the soul killing cold of Chicago.

Faces of friends, lovers, coworkers, mentors, teachers, family, stylishly dressed strangers…you will see them all.

Then you will realize at the center of this story called life

is you.

You have been the main character in this cosmic adventure.

The wins and losses are all yours.

The life fulfillment or lack of fulfillment is yours.

The pain. The ecstasy. The glory. The agony.

All find their way in your story.

Did you walk the path written for you, the path written in hieroglyphics only you could read?

Or did you roll up the scroll and let it gather dust in a forgotten corner?

Perhaps you found a better deal.


The cost of living is death.

What prize will any of us win at the end that we don’t already have?

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