Life does not compromise. Why do you?

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If you desire a pleasant tropical climate, you will not get it if you visit Chicago in December.

If you eat cheesecake everyday and never exercise, you will gain weight.

A volcano erupts and lava burns everything in its path.

Reality does not compromise. Reality deals in truth.

Humans are the ones who do not accept raw, complete truth. We think a middle ground will make us happy and safe. We value feelings over facts.

We self-medicate by letting our feelings cover for our mistakes or lack of results.

We turn the ugly past into glorious fiction.

Why do we need such comforts? Why do we need to dress up our world?

Are we spending our days trying to convince someone of our happiness or greatness?

If life is uncompromising, why do we run from it?

I was born in the USA. I’ve traveled to Japan. I have vacationed in Tanzania. I currently live in Italy. Reality always greets me wherever I am.

The irony is reality is a product of you. If you are compromising, if you are living a life not in harmony with your deepest truth, you know it.

You may compromise or lie to yourself, but your life never will.

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