The World Is A Mirror

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Observe the world closely, for you are seeing your reflection. We’ve heard of the man born into wealth, but dies a drug addicted pauper. We’ve heard of the suffering family who managed to escape the turmoil of a repressive government regime. We’ve see the people with countless opportunities remain underachievers. I’ve been to Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. I know the worlds of men and women are simply reflections of their inner truths. The undeniable truth.

The world is a mirror. In others you will see your own insecurities and your own talents. You will find yourself in the same position in terms of relationships, finances, and fulfillment regardless of geography. Who you truly are is what you will see in the world. It is a feedback loop.

There are concepts and rules put in place by some in order to control others. But these are merely concepts. The world is always showing us who we are because we are always molding the world to our ideals.

How deeply are your ideals tied to the rules of others? How much have we let others define our truths?

In other words, who is creating your world for you?

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