Your Instinct is Social GPS

Through travel I’ve been exposed to a lot of different people and behavior. Some of this is dictated by culture. The environment people grow up in has a huge influence on their way of thinking. If our thinking remains aligned with the codes of the environment we are in, we strengthen the system. If our thoughts branch away, it is inevitable we will find a new environment that suits us. We create our environment & our environment creates us.

Instinct has the function of maintaining our physical and psychological preservation. The degree in which our thinking is either in harmony or out of harmony with our environment determines how acute our instincts are. Thus we have a Social GPS. The more in line with our environment, the better our instincts operate to keep us secure within that particular system. The less in accord with our environment, the weaker our instincts are.

All organisms seek harmony. It is important to remember harmony in this context does not mean “good” or “bad.” It is neutral. It is about creating and preserving a system in alignment with our thoughts and desires. Since we are creating our environment through our thinking, we are harmonizing the physical world with our internal world. What you truly seek, will find always find you. This is true even if you get on a plane tonight to fly a country you’ve never been to.

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