Italy Might Ruin Europe For Me

I relocated to Florence, Italy about six weeks ago. It’s been a great experience. The pace of life here is relaxed. Beautiful art and architecture cover the city. Every neighborhood has its own charm and appeal. Italy is known for its cuisine and Florence does not disappoint. I love the passion of the restaurant staff and the fact that baristas take their craft serious. Seriousness of craft is a theme around the city, with its legendary heritage of leather, painting, sculpture, and cooking. Florence has a well defined identity and charisma. The old world charm is calming. Florence humbly welcomes you in for a glass of wine and dessert and you feel confident every dream you have will come true. It truly is a city like no other.

Friends and I recently took the train to Milan for a day trip. To say Milan is chic would be an understatement. Good looking people walk the streets in front of architecture made out of an art student’s fantasies. They’re well dressed and effortlessly stylish. The grandiosity of the city is truly something to marvel. The energy is electric. I could feel the action. I will venture back to explore more because one day simply isn’t enough. Milan is cinematic. Milan is cool.

Florence is full of romance. Milan is full of temptation. Italy has set the bar high. The rest of Europe has a lot to compete with.

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