Traveling Solo is a Must

Photo by Javon Swaby on

I have nothing against group travel, but everyone should take a solo trip once every now and then. It is needed to recalibrate your view of the world and yourself. Stepping out alone permits you to think without interruption. The choices you make while on your personal expedition are yours and yours alone. It is a chance to get to know yourself a bit more.

When we are with a group we can default to the group’s thinking. You very well could be going along with ideas you aren’t actually interested in but you don’t want to disrupt the group. Give yourself a week to go somewhere alone. Take your time at places you enjoy.

We are usually operating as a part of a larger system be it in our careers or home life. Removing yourself for a short period has so many benefits. You appreciate things you may have taken for granted. You gain clarity regarding some relationships. The quiet time is therapeutic.

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