The Blessings in Life

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We have to remind ourselves of the good things that we have in life. When things are not going well its very easy to focus on the negative. We can get lost in thoughts about our problems, mistakes, misfortune, or relationship drama.

We are often our own biggest hater when we need to be our own biggest fan.

Comparing our lives to others is waste of time because each person has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. We can never duplicate what another person does. We can only do what we do. If we are not careful, we can allow our own self-doubt and criticism remove us from the life we wish to have.

I’ve wrecked several good situations because of self-doubt and the feeling that I wasn’t good enough for something. What I failed to realize is that if I were not good enough, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity in the first place. The irony… I know I’m not the only one out there who has been blind to the blessings they have in life and found a way to screw it up. Maybe we were not serious, maybe we were fearful, maybe we were ungrateful.

I’ve failed enough times to realize failure is often the result of not counting my blessings and appreciating the opportunity at hand. It is infuriating to look back on some good situations I found myself in and recognize I didn’t take it serious enough. It’s a part of me that has to be dealt with today if I am to achieve my goals tomorrow. If you are blessed with the chance to travel the globe, or get an advanced education, or live in an environment that has resources for your development, take advantage of it. Don’t look back at time wasted and opportunities long gone.


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