Keeping Healthy While Traveling during Covid

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Since the covid situation began in spring of 2020, I have been fortunate enough to have still traveled to incredible destinations. I do not take this for granted as I know many people around the world are limited due to their citizenship and which countries will allow them entry. It is imperative that governments around the globe work together and ensure that people can safely move about and enjoy all that the world has to offer. For those that are traveling or thinking of traveling during these times I would like to share some advice on how to maintain your physical and mental health.

The choice to take a coronavirus vaccine is a personal choice. The sovereignty of each human no matter your race or gender is a basic human right. You must assess your own health and living conditions when deciding what medical choices you will make. We must afford everyone respect when it comes to their choices. We know in the African American community there is an horrible history of medical experimentation and abuse which was sanctioned by the U.S. government and scientific community. Given that history, it is understandable that many people and black people in particular would have hesitation when it comes to new vaccines.

Whether or not a person decides to take a vaccine, a human should not be shamed for doing what they feel protects their health.

I have seen people on both sides of the vaccine argument attacked. I’ve seen people in grocery stores and other public places get into physical altercations because one side has insulted the other. Each side has been called foolish, stupid, uninformed, sheep, and more degrading names by the other. How does this help the situation? How can insulting and shaming another bring him to your side? This only creates a stronger divide when now more than ever there is a need for respect and compassion. Creating conflict with others is a sure way to increase your stress levels and possibly get you hurt. So what to do? How to ensure your safety?

For starters, before the pandemic and during, preventative care was and is always a recommended. Do the things that keep you healthy regardless of what anyone else is doing. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water and exercise a few times a week. Limit alcohol, sugar, and fatty foods. Avoid tobacco and narcotics. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Keep excellent hygiene and get fresh air and sunlight. That should take care of the physical for most people. This is important whether you get a vaccine or decide not to.

As for the mental part, remember that you can only truly control your own health and state of mind. Don’t spend time worrying about people you do not know. Focus on your own well being. Don’t get into fights in person or online. Enjoy life as best as you can. Spend time with people you enjoy and appreciate what you have. You’re mental state and physical often work together. Keep positive. There are countless medical studies indicating a correlation between attitude and recovery.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited Africa and Europe since 2020. There are many others who have continued to travel and gone forward with their dreams as well. I have been able to enjoy my experiences because I put my health and goals first. Then I said to hell with whatever someone else chooses to do. We only control so much so do not live life stressing over other people’s decisions.

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