Don’t Travel Just To Do What You Do At Home

You can drink alcohol in your hometown. You can go to night clubs. You can chase girls. You can spend endless amounts of money on pleasure.

Why plan a vacation or trip just to do the same? There are many reasons to travel.

Your time away from home should be therapeutic. You should be getting rest and rejuvenated. The inspiration bank is getting a deposit.

Your trip should be meaningful. You’re visiting your ancestral heritage. You’re making a pilgrimage.

Your trip should be with purpose. You’re reconnecting with family or friends. Spending sober time with them so you can be present, attentive, and engaged.

Your time away should be intelligent. You’re doing business, establishing connections, strengthening bonds, building your network.

Your time away should be an investment. You’re getting education. You’re volunteering. You’re offering your energy for something bigger than you.

Your trip should happen because you deeply want it to, not because it’s what society says.

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