Forget the Instagram Travel. Go where you want.

Photo by Kelly Lacy on

Chances are, if you’re doing it right, people are already impressed.

Travel is limited to where your can get in depending on your Citizenship and coronavirus rules. But that is no excuse to do what everyone else is doing. If you’re itching to get out right now, go somewhere really worth it. The potential travel complications could become a hassle. Make sure the place you want to go is for you, not the gram.

In 2020, I kept hearing people talk about going to Tulum, Mexico. I’ve never been so I cant speak on the location itself, but I began to think this was becoming the new social media photo op destination. It was like a critical mass of Americans, black, white, young and old were flooding into Mexico. I’m good.

I remember in 2018-19 all these “influencers” were walking the beaches of the Maldives. Not gonna lie, The Maldives look like a beautiful place to visit. Nevertheless, was it ever really on my list? No.

For the last few years black Youtubers and so called “passport bros” have been pumping up the Dominican Republic and Brazil. Obviously those are gorgeous countries with very attractive women and the exchange rate favors the U.S Dollar. But check out some of the videos. The way some dudes talk about the Dominican Republic you’d think they work for the DR Tourism Board. Its getting to a point where brothers are visiting only because they heard it was the place to go.

These are just example countries. I’m not saying don’t go or that they’re not a good place a visit. My point is that taking a trip is about you and your interests. Don’t just go somewhere because its the hot place on the social media timeline or a few Youtubers are talking it up. Go somewhere that has value to you. People always talk about how great Paris is. I’ve never been. I feel I’ll only visit for business purposes since I have no desire to spend leisure time there. There are plenty of destinations on my list ahead of France.

I also recommend going to sites that truly interest you and skip the big landmarks. If you’re in New York and there is a legendary record store you’ve heard about, go there. Or maybe there is a ramen place your friend with good taste told you about. You don’t have to see the Statue of Liberty and eat pizza just because you’re in New York. Do what you want.

A lot of you black men might feel the pressure to fit in. You might feel like you need to have a certain look, or be at certain spots in order to get the stamp of approval from the community. This is your life, man. Live it the way you see fit. Enjoy yourself.

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