Black men inspiring black men

My purpose in this space is not just to encourage black men to travel. That would be a fruitless activity. The real point of these writings is to remind brothers of the opportunity that exist out there for you to live the life you want to live. I enjoy traveling. You may enjoy working on cars. You may enjoy writing software. You may enjoy coaching youth sports or you may enjoy drawing anime.

What you enjoy and what you love to do is your business. Be proud of your ideas. Be proud of your talents. We need brothers who are serious doctors and we need brothers who are serious about gardening. Our community thrives when we have a pool of diverse talent. This is what inspires me. I am not a musician but I admire the craft and excellence of John Coltrane. It encourages me to learn more, to challenge myself. I get inspired by the scientific brilliance of Dr. Mark Dean. If I am doubting myself, I remember that people who look like me and come from similar backgrounds and challenges have done great things.

Everyday I tell myself I belong in this world to do great things. I am here to help and encourage others through my words and actions. I am here to learn about the greatness of our people and share their stories. I am here to make sure more great stories are written.

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