Black Men, Covid, & the Abundance Mindset

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You do not have all the time you think you have. Some of you are about to be 30, some of you are about to be 40, some are about to be 50 or 60. You can probably think back to ten years ago and remember what you were doing, the ideas you had, the dreams you wanted to accomplish. Some of you accomplished your goals. Some of you didn’t. All of you can say to yourself today, “that time is gone.” The window of opportunity in your life can close quick.

I want you to think about something. How often does a situation come around that seems just right for you? The opportunity could be a job, acceptance to a school, a chance to relocate, a vacation…the list goes on. How often does this seem to come into your life when you think about it, it seems perfect. Before you let any insecurity, fear, family influence you, you know in your heart this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. For most of us black men, these doors are few and far between. People generally are not looking out for us. So I understand if something appears too good to be true, or if you have some hesitations. You might not want to make a major mistake. But let me tell you something. The biggest mistake is thinking that you will get another golden opportunity.

The world is full of opportunity and abundance. I believe that wholeheartedly. Despite my missteps in life, I know my belief in abundance has allowed me to bounce back from failures and become stronger. That being said, opportunity may present itself to you, but you may not be in position to take it. I write a lot about world travel. I’ve been going international since my mid 20s. While it’s possible to do this at any age, there is no guarantee you will be in the physical or mental condition to endure long plane rides and distant journeys when you hit retirement age. The same can be said of nearly any activity. This is why I’ve tried to take advantage of opportunity, even if there was some uncertainty. 

There is always some uncertainty in life. You don’t need all the stars to line up for you. Three or four is cool.

In April of 2020, I had a trip to Japan planned. I had already booked flights and set up an apartment for a three month stay. The plan was to participate in a 12-week design workshop. Then came covid. Four weeks before I was to leave the U.S the world began closing borders. The workshop was canceled and Japan banned non-residents. Just like that, a goal I had been working towards for over a year vanished and there was nothing I could do about it. 

When the pandemic was at its height in 2020, there was major doubt about when travel would be possible. Maybe in 1 year ? Maybe in 2 years? Maybe in 5 years? Nobody really knew. That experience was enlightening. It reminded me of the good things I had in life. I also was very thankful and grateful for the travel opportunities I had in the past. The covid situation gave me a new fire. I wasn’t going to waste time on nonsense. I became even more aggressive when it came to getting what I want in life. Everyday I wrote down news ideas and strategies that could lead me to my dreams.

I decided not to wait for the right time, I decided to get in my right mind.

I hope you brothers are getting what you are looking for in life. Don’t let your friends or family talk you out of your goals. Don’t let fear stop you from starting your business, taking that class, changing careers, or moving to a new city. If you really want something it’ll come to you. Just make sure you have you hands ready to catch it. So much is out of our control. Therefore when an opportunity does come your way don’t hesitate to take it and try your damndest to make it great.

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