Why Hotels are Better Than AirBnB

Photo by Boonkong Boonpeng on Pexels.com

I’ve stayed in hostels, motels, guest houses, capsule hotels, Airbnbs, high end hotels, tents, yurts, and friends couches. If It has a roof, I’ve probably stay at least one night. But today I’m going to share why hotels are often the better choice for travelers rather than AirBnB or similar services.

A major plus for staying at hotels is the 24 hour staff on site. You don’t have to worry about arriving at a precise time for check-in. If you need fresh towels or bed sheets it’s not a problem. If the internet is faulty, you can call the front desk. Hotels use 24 hour staff so any surprises and needs can be addressed immediately. You can also get good recommendations since the staff is usually local people who know the area very well. The staff at good to excellent hotels are multi-lingual as well. At a guest houses or an Airbnb, you are dependent on how professional and available the home owner is, and how close they live to the property you are staying at.

The perks. Complimentary breakfast, game rooms, pools, workout facilities, lounges, restaurants on site, ATMs on site, pick up/drop off service to the airport etc.

Your bedding is replaced regularly. The room is cleaned up while you’re out. The air conditioners are in working order. That’s huge if you are in a hot and humid city.  Hotels are in the business of making a guest as comfortable as possible. Often Airbnb Hosts just want a few extra dollars and don’t really care about the customer service side. Furthermore, most hosts can’t match the facilities that hotels have like pools, saunas and lounges.

If security is important to you, I recommend going the hotel route. There is always a safe box in the hotel room or you can check in your valuables with the front desk. The hotel’s elevator access almost always requires a key card. Along with the 24 hour staff, there are usually a few security guards on site as well. None of that is guaranteed in other accommodations.

Finally, with the Airbnb raising fees and host raising rates, hotels are better for your money. You get all of the perks I just listed at a hotel, for the same price as an Airbnb which may only have half of the perks. So if you want to chill at all day you have a lot at your finger tips. If you want to go out on an adventure, you have a secure comfortable place to come back to.

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