Stop Wearing Sweatpants

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I want you to look good. I want you to feel good. I want you to step out of the airport with confidence. And you can’t do that in sweatpants.  It just doesn’t work. Let me give you the tips so you are looking fresh wherever you go.

First things first. No sweatpants, hoop shorts, or any type of athletic wear unless you’re actually exercising. Why? Because no grown man is taken seriously when he is in sweat pants  and house shoes in public. You think your going to get the best service at a decent restaurant? This ain’t LA. People around the world dress for occasions. If I see you wearing your pajamas in public, you look like you only about waking up at 1pm, eating day-old burritos, drinking warm beer, and borrowing money from women you just met. So stop with the sweat pants.

And don’t give me that “it’s comfortable” nonsense either. No one who owns a yacht is letting you on if you’re wearing sweats. If I owned high end hotel, sweats would be banned on the property. You’d be hit with a heavy fine if we caught you walking the hallways in warmups. If I ran an airline, we would be very “comfortable” canceling your flight if you had the audacity to walk up to the gate in those dingy grey sweats. 

Some of you think you have the right to do whatever you want. And you do. You can present yourself as poorly as you want or as refined as you want. Like it or not people judge people based on appearance.  Think about how you judge people based on a quick glance. We don’t have the time to ask deep philosophical questions to everyone we meet. Whether you think so or not, your attitude and approach to life is reflected in your clothes.

Clothing has meaning, it is a form of communication in every culture. What do those sweats communicate if you’re not working out? You want me to think you are into fitness and just came from the gym? Ok so you’re cool with walking around sweaty and unbathed after workouts? That’s nasty. Or you want the world to know you’re comfortable. Why are you so comfortable dressing like a toddler?

Listen fellas, if you want to be comfortable and look respectable anywhere in the world here is the easiest formula. Cotton or linen pants. Leather loafers, with or without socks. White button up-shirts. A few different colored polo shirts. All garments in your size. Good hygiene and skin care. A touch of cologne. Thats it. You will be fine at restaurants, museums, beaches, BBQs, casinos, night clubs etc. Just stop wearing sweatpants.

*For you bigger guys, tailored shirts and structured clothing is more flattering than trying to hide your weight with loose, baggy clothes. I recommend solid colors or subtle prints. 

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