Life is your ally

Photo by Pixabay on

From time to time it’s good to step back and to look at your life and appreciate your accomplishments.

Whether you have reached the pinnacle of your talents or if you are still on your way, you should not neglect moments of joyful self-reflection.

It is in these moments that you can see the progress you’ve made. You can see both the battles you’ve won and the battles you’ve lost and how they made you stronger.

During your climb it will to be natural to shed greed, narcissism, jealousy, and fear based decision making.

You will arrive at a place of internal harmony. From there a sense of harmony with the world will envelope you.

Everything you need will be right before you. And you’ll see it has always been there. You could not see it before because you were in a state of chaos. Your mind was filled with thoughts that did not serve your life purpose. The expression of this in the physical world ranges from unclean homes, constant body pain or disease, to internal and external conflict. You must open yourself up to the world.

Ignore your bank accounts, ignore your cars and gadgets, ignore your luxury goods.

Look at the trees giving you oxygen, feel the sun reviving your spirit.
Feel the internal energy that pumps your blood, keeps your heart beating, and heals you wounds.

This total creative life force is your ally.

It heals and inspires. The riches of the universe are yours.

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