Why we can’t let go.

Most of us have a desire to feel secure in some way.

Financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in our relationships.

We like the idea of stability and predictability because it is comforting to us. However, subconsciously, we know that the world is chaotic, wild, and full of surprises.

Things we take as a given suddenly leave us and we become bewildered. Without becoming aware of it, we attach ourselves to the image we have created of another person or concept.

Our perception of the world becomes blurred because we are shifting our focus from reality to fantasies.

We do this for two reasons.

First, we are fearful of change. We have conditioned ourselves to create identities and images of ourselves and the things around us.

We create our reality.

When the inevitable change comes, we are flustered because this disrupts our creation. In the existence we build in our minds, which form the life we live, change and surprise is rarely if ever acknowledged.

Nevertheless trees shed their leaves, animal herds migrate to new plains, children grow to become adults. We must recognize that change is a natural part of life and it is pointless to fight it.

The second reason is we think that an external source (a person, thing, or idea) will stabilize our chaotic and conflicted inner being.

We avoid looking inward to find the source of calm and peace within ourselves. Therefore we become dependent on the outside. Naturally this dependence amplifies our self-conflict. 

Finding the peace within yourself will allow the peace to exist in the external world.

You will have looked inside and seen that it is not the perceived chaos of the outside that causes you turmoil.

Rather it is your own intense imagination and frantic energy bubbling up with no direction that pushes you about.

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