The First Day of Spring

Photo by Borislav Krustev on

The true structure of our reality is not known to us because we have accepted and adopted the reality of that which is outside of ourselves.

We are interested in appearances only therefore we do not know who we are.

We crave control. So much that we have a set day for the “first day of summer, spring, fall and winter” as if mother nature doesn’t have plans of her own.

Do we crave ownership and power so much  because we know deeply, sincerely in our very DNA, that natural existence is chaos?

That order, if there is such a thing, is not determined by us?

The illusion of ownership is comforting. Fear is comforting.

If I am aware of my fears, I can set them over there in the corner and turn from them.

I will not look that way and my days will be at ease.

In essence my fear is the support beam of the house I call “myself.”

We seek to create a world opposite from the natural so we can saturate the colors of our illusions.

If illusion is comfort is truth discomfort?

No. Both comfort and discomfort are unnatural. What is natural, is natural. 

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