There is no reality without you.

Photo by Sam D on

I recently went to Joshua Tree national park.

After entering the park I was removed from all indications of man-made concepts except for the car and paved road we travelled on.

No billboards. No lamppost. No bus-stops. No cellphone reception.

No indication of time as a human unit of measurement.

The rock formations and vast desert sands were eternal.

How insignificant I felt, yet this was not depressing nor was it saddening.

Rather, it was unifying.

Each boulder is shaped and bent by wind and sand and rain over the years. As are we.

Each Joshua tree, each cactus, each rock; all individuals yet not separate from the whole.

Essential to the whole. As are we.

In stepping away from Los Angeles, I was back in nature, back in reality.

It was quite fragile. We climbed a peak of hard rocks. A slip meant certain injury or even death.

This was a reminder that despite our craving for control or ownership, nature doesn’t give a damn.

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