The Guru Within


Can anyone describe the true taste of coffee to you?

Who can explain to you what it means to filled with awe when you gaze at the stars?

Who can tell you precisely how you will feel when time stops and you are in the moment?

These things are to be discovered for yourself.

Your senses do not mislead you.

Your instinct is not dependent on social validation.

Machinery is no competition for the human spirit.

Depend only on yourself for answers.

The correct path is always visible.

It is conditioning that keeps you from walking the path.

Our conditioning encourages us to flee from ourselves.

Internet personas, cosmetic surgery, status chasing, titles and so on

are symptoms of our collective desire to escape from truth.

None of this will give you the answer you seek.

None of this will cure your loneliness.

None will stop your troubles.

You are your troubles and loneliness.

Just as you are your answers.

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