You are the total of life

Photo by Ruvim Miksanskiy on

We say things like “I have experienced such and such.”

Did you? No.

You are the experience.

Imagine visiting a cafe for a cup of coffee.

You sit on the big patio, the sun warms your face, and

you overhear the playful flirting of couple seated behind you.

The waiter wears a white dress shirt. It’s clean, but needs to be ironed.

You look at your own clothes and check your presentation.

A small band plays light jazz music. Trumpet, piano, and drums.

Two dark purple tulips stand in a cracked ceramic vase.

The flaw seems charmingly intentional. You think about maybe

visiting a nearby pottery store after your coffee.

Not a cloud in the sky. Everything is shining.

Sparkles of light bounce from teacups, windows,

earrings, and the face of your watch.

A man and his friend share a large slice

of chocolate cake.

Through your flea market sunglasses, you see a woman staring at you.

“Great style” She thinks.

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