Your Heart is a Magnet

The defining characteristic of a human is creativity.

Every civilization in every era has it’s arts, music, architecture, philosophy, technology and so on. This is passed on through generations.

We each inherit the DNA of a creator. Ironically we don’t see it.

Our creativity is on display each day in our thoughts and with time, manifested in the physical world.

Most don’t think much of their thinking. Sadly this implies most don’t think much of their world.

Your thoughts are energy. They carry the charge from the depths of your spirit and spark your actions.

Whatever is in your heart, thought reveals and creates. You begin to draw people, things, and activities aligned to your thoughts. You do this without much forced effort.

Thus, your heart is a magnet.

Your home, your relationships, your hobbies, your vices, your occupation, everything in your life has been pulled into it due to your spiritual/emotional magnetic field.

If your life is not as you wish it to be, there is no one who can create it for you.

Shine a light in the caverns of your heart for yourself.

It is then you will see the truth behind your reality.

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