Sometimes, there is no answer.

Sometimes there is simply no answer for a particular situation. Sometimes we just have to recognize our limitations. There are many cases where initializing what we think is a solution is just fruitless effort. 

The unknown frightens us. The products produced by major technology companies of the day reflect this. I am not referring to data collection or privacy.

I am talking about the obsessive usage of information tools such a map software, social media, news feeds, entertainment subscriptions and more.

Our collective devouring of these products shows our intense desire for information, in other words deep avoidance of the unknown. These tools give us directions, order food, summon a taxi and endless entertainment with just a few swipes. This one click era has also begun to condition us into expecting speed and solutions with everything in life. It has also encouraged avoidance of self-examination.

But maybe sometimes there is no answer. Or perhaps the answer is given by that which we cannot control.



Maybe the answer to our lives is a leaf that fell in a flowing river and we must wait at the base of the river to see it come to us. Maybe us sitting and waiting at the base is the answer.

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