Do Not Fear Love

A fear of love. What is this? It sounds rather absurd. A fear of love is selfishness. Not understanding that impermanence is in all things gives us a fear of love. We hold back during life, thinking we have tomorrow to become more compassionate or caring. How do you know tomorrow will come? 

A fear of love restricts our ability to express ourselves fully. In terms of a relationship, we don’t allow vulnerability or we neglect saying and doing the things that display our care for another person.

We attach ourselves to someone to fill our personal void rather than to share enjoyment of life. When this person leaves, we become sad or angry. We enjoyed our time with them for our own gain instead of the mutual growth. We never accepted that though we can both share the moon together, it is as much theirs to themselves as it is our own.

Yet, we own nothing. When that shared moment is over it is over. Our fear of love never lets us experience life and people fully because we are trying to chain our experiences to ourselves in a selfish attempt at emotional survival.

We walk on the beach, enjoying the waves splashing against our feet all while knowing the we cannot keep the ocean to ourselves. So it should be with all things.

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