An Artist must Regularly Heal Himself

The sensorial bombardment we undergo on a daily basis is not to be taken lightly.

Sounds, videos, articles, and words have a potent effect on our thoughts, thus the reality

we create for ourselves.

An artist has no choice but to be selective with the input he absorbs.

Input becomes a form of energy which can stir our emotions, seep into our memory, and shape our views.

It is quite possible that without careful pruning of our mental garden,

what is our true self becomes indistinguishable from the outside influences

which may not actually be in harmony with our lives.

No doubt many artists have had moments of fragile confidence and wondered:

“Am I good enough?

“Have I already peaked?”

“Am I a fraud?”

An artist must become a tree.

Seasonally, the leaves of our psyche must fall off and

allow us to be naked.

Only in this bare state can we look down at the fallen, dead

memories, thoughts, and ideas.

It is then when new fresh growth can come about.

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