the source of our problems

go far, far out of the metropolis

and into the forest or the desert or the mountains.

go far away from street lamps and billboards

and even farther from restaurants and wi-fi signals.

what are you left with?

what have you carried with you?

when you gaze upon the endless mountain range,

do the job politics still exist?

as you trek through the damp and muddy woods,

do you still listen to the voice that says you are a failure?

when you drive through the desert heat,

do you still seek approval from someone?

we all need food, drinking water, and shelter.

this is true whether a man has vast financial wealth or not a single coin.

thus it is not a problem but the basic reality.

there are no problems in nature.

what is a problem?

a problem is something in opposition to

the beliefs, desires, and ideas we have created in our mind.

why do you believe what you believe?

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