Learning From Nature: Language

Nature has provided all the answers needed when addressing problems related to art, engineering, architecture, medicine, psychology and everything else. It is for us to go look at the world, not the man made crude world we call modern, but the effortlessly sophisticated natural world and we will find our needs have already been addressed. To implement the solutions nature has provided is all that is left.

When discussing these solutions, it is critical to speak and listen in the appropriate language. The natural is indirect yet obvious, complex and elementary, subtle and grandiose. The natural does not yield to definitions created by man, it operates according to it’s own whims. Does the spring season begin on March 20-21? No. It begins when it begins. Thus the language used to address our problems must follow the same path. Us being a part nature embody the paradoxical duality. The answers are clear yet our minds are muddy.

The human seeks to give definition and take ownership, for this would be comforting. What is named is owned. This moment of defining is to force death on the subject in question. As we become more intent on mastering the natural world it rebels. We give a name to a river, but can you swim in the same river twice?

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