We are given something new everyday

The fragility of this world is felt when looking at clouds. They are here, then they are gone. So it is with all things. To use force in an attempt to control or create is to destroy. The world and the expressions of life are soft and need only a path in which to take to fulfill their destiny. Ownership and possession are expressions of force. This makes them destructive by nature. We are given something new everyday, but we must understand it is not ours to keep. The desire to keep and to own blinds us to the new gifts we are receiving. Nothing can be owned, therefore there cannot be any owners. 

A man who sincerely feels this is invincible. He is not controlled by his emotions, distracted by the whims of the masses, or induced into silly behavior by his desire. All things are temporary so how can anything scare such a man?

Knowing you have limited time brings on a sense of urgency. This does not mean frantic misplaced energy. It means directness in movement. It discarding all that is not in line with an honest path.

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