You Cannot Change Yourself

To change one’s reality means to undo the conditioning of the mind. The body does it’s job perfectly and at optimum levels with respect to it’s age. It is the mind which has been disrupted and distorted so it does not perform it’s functions in accord with elevated human existence. It is greed, fear and lust which are the foundations of a highly conditioned mind. So much to the point that a human may assume his “natural” behavior or his personality are of his own making when in fact those are the handicraft of media, propaganda, societal pressures and schooling.

This is why change is exceptionally difficult. It is not so much change that is occurring, but rather a discarding of the psychological, spiritual and emotional skins one has worn for the bulk of his existence. To change therefore is to deny your current reality. This means truly understanding you have accepted lies as truth. These are lies you have spent your life refining so they become more palatable as you grow older thus keeping your authentic existence hidden from even yourself.

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