learning confidence from nature

a mountain neither shouts nor boasts. it is invisible, a blur in the background until it’s silent majesty overwhelms our senses. thus we approach with reverence.

the redwood takes pride in growing old, for it is proof of destiny fulfilled.

while the sun retires once a day with a spectacular show of colors as it slips beneath the horizon, the moon waits patiently for it’s once a month chance to display it’s fullness in the night sky.

the tiger lives in solitude. he’s a striped monk with a temper. feared yet loved. happy to be alone yet desired by all. common yet mythical.

falling snow brings joy to children and nostalgic pleasure to adults. the performance is brief, but for that moment there is no brighter celebrity. snow wouldn’t have it any other way.

rain has a dark sense of humor. it delights in ruining outdoor weddings while nurturing the lush scenery the marriage ceremony was chosen for.

the cherry blossoms exist even when all you see are bare branches of the tree. though you choose not to see it, your beauty and glory are already present as well.

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